GNSS Correction Services

GNSS Correction Services provide correction signals to enhance positional accuracy. There are several methods for acquiring this data which provide a range of accuracy options. Choosing the right correction source for each application is critical for enhancing field operations. Novariant has a variety of solutions to suit any application.

RTK Corrections Using Base Station - In the last two decades, RTK has become the industry leading methodology for sub-inch (<2cm) positioning accuracy. RTK uses radio communications to provide corrections through a base station located within a radio range of from your vehicle. The RTK base station sends corrections via a radio transmitter to a mobile radio receiver attached to the vehicle.

RTK Corrections Using NTRIP Network - NTRIP (sometimes called CORS) networks enable RTK corrections over a large geographic area where robust cellular data coverage is available. Network processing ensures high accuracy throughout the whole coverage area. A cellular communication modem is used instead of a radio to receive this type of sub-inch (<2cm) correction. NTRIP uses a network of GPS/GNSS reference stations situated within the coverage area to transmit RTK corrections to a cellular modem on the vehicle.

L-band Corrections Using Satellite - The L-band correction signals are delivered via satellites in which the vehicle will be operating in areas with open views of the sky at all times. These corrections require subscription from the provider and typically require 30 minutes for full convergence at startup. The L-band correction services typically offer mid-range accuracy from 5-10cm.

Differential Corrections Using Ground Stations - SBAS (Satellite-based Augmentation System) provides correction data for visible satellites. Corrections are computed from ground station observations and then uploaded to geostationary satellites. WAAS (in USA), EGNOS (in Europe) and MSAS/QZSS (in Japan) are examples of SBAS. The SBAS correction services typically offer entry-level position accuracy ranging from 1-2m.