Precision Steering & Controls


Novariant offers the first hands-free autosteering and controls system with maximum interoperability with diverse GNSS, display, sensor, communication and vehicle interface systems. Novariant controls provide flexibility to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Value Added Resellers (VAR) to select the best-of-breed for all required systems to build a high performance, hands-free automatic steering and controls solution.

All GNSS Sources - Novariant's high precision autosteering solutions provide interoperability with any certified Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and can process signals from various constellations including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. The Novariant's solutions support all precision levels offered by the GNSS receiver ranging from Autonomous, DGPS, OmniSTAR to RTK (Real Time Kinematic).

Multiple Display Solutions - Novariant automatic controllers can interface with any display option using standardized API messaging. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Value Added Resellers (VAR) can easily integrate their own display with Novariant controllers or use one of the multiple partner display options available with Novariant's precision control. Novariant solutions can also be controlled using a consumer tablet running the award-winning SimpleSteer™ application, a tablet-based autosteering solution.

Variety of Sensors - Novariant's high precision hands-free control and steering solutions can receive information from GNSS sources, various positioning sensors and numerous vision sensors to achieve the highest level of accuracy, reliability and performance in numerous applications including Precision Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Robotics and other vertical markets.

Industry Standard Communication Technology - Novariant autosteering solutions are capable of utilizing various communication technologies including wired interfaces such as Serial, USB, Ethernet, CAN or FireWire, and wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Cellular and DSRC.

All Vehicle Interfaces - Novariant's high precision autosteering systems support all vehicle interfaces ranging from hydraulic valves, factory steer-ready, ISO/CAN, electrical and mechanical interfaces. Novariant offers custom install kits for over 750 make/models of agricultural machines.

Numerous Value-Added Services - Novariant's Central Business System (CBS) provides numerous software data services including diagnostics and wireless remote access, vehicle telematics, and field data exchange. Novariant software data services help gather field data into a centralized server that can be used to increase efficiency and enable better decision making for today's business.