Precision Position

Patented 7D® RTK GNSS Positioning Technology manages seven dimensions of information to deliver sub-inch accuracy in all dimensions.

7D RTK GNSS Positioning Technology

When precise positioning matters, Novariant's patented 7D® RTK GNSS Positioning Technology manages seven dimensions of information at any instant: X,Y, & Z position plus Roll, Pitch, & Yaw orientation over Time.

Common GNSS systems can communicate only 2D (X,Y) or 3D (X,Y,Z) position. More robust systems add additional logic that infers orientation by measuring position over time, then calculating the resultant orientation by optionally augmenting with inertial sensors.

7D Positioning directly measures all of these inputs instantaneously and continuously, enabling more effective vehicle control. There are no delays in calculation, no speed limitations, no multiple sampling, no motion required and no restrictions on direction changes.

Vehicle interface defines the physical connection between the vehicle control system and precision steering/navigation devices. There are multiple ways to interface with and control the vehicle. Novariant has a variety of solutions to suit any application.

Advanced Control System

Logic 7D Control System

Intelligence that works for you, the Logic7D Control System delivers unmatched precision vehicle control in even the most challenging conditions and is interoperable across the broadest range of vehicles and industry applications.

The Logic7D Control System has tuning and calibration wizards that enable the tuning of autosteering systems to the operating characteristics of a specific vehicle and adjust as the machine performance changes. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of other GNSS steering systems, the Logic7D System adjusts for changes in the vehicle's performance profile as a result of changes in implements and cargo, terrain, or even through normal wear over time.

Combined Technology

Novariant's RTK GNSS steering system combined with 7D GNSS receiver technology and the Logic7D control system software enables:

Slow Speed Operations - Track vehicle orientation at slow and high speeds experienced when steering around obstacles, and sharp turn operations. Logic7D system doesn't need forward motion to accurately calculate heading.

Reverse Operations - Logic7D steering control system can engage when the vehicle is in reverse, as well as all other vehicle directions.

Restarting From a Dead-Stop - Logic7D gives users the ability to "regain a line" from a dead stop, even after the vehicle has been turned-off. Whether at the beginning of the day, or after refueling, lunch or inclement weather, Logic7D allows operators to restart a job from exactly where they left it.

Accurate Over Uneven Terrain - Logic7D directly measures the roll of the vehicle frame as it passes over uneven terrain.

Fighting Gravity on Hillside Operations - Logic7D measures and controls for vehicle crabbing (or yaw) on side hill terrain. This is critical to "holding the line," even with cargo or devices in tow.