Vehicle Interface

Vehicle interface defines the physical connection between the vehicle control system and precision steering/navigation devices. There are multiple ways to interface with and control the vehicle. Novariant has a variety of solutions to suit any application.

Mechanical Interface - Mechanical assisted steering solutions attach to the existing steering wheel of the vehicle and automatically turn the wheel. Patented unique split gear technology allows for installation in minutes and eliminates the need for removal of the steering wheel. The high-torque, positive gear drive delivers the turning power needed to control the most demanding vehicles while the highly-responsive motor enables quick engagement. This offers a cost-effective, universal solution for any application.

Hydraulic Interface - Power steering solutions interface with vehicles' hydraulic system through a system of valves and hoses. Hydraulic assisted steering solutions provide responsiveness and precision to ensure the superior performance needed for the most challenging applications. Novariant offers highly customized kits to integrate with more than 750 different vehicle makes and models.

Factory Steer Ready Interface - Factory steer ready solutions integrate Novariant's superior steering technology into existing vehicle systems. Working with leading vehicle manufacturers, Novariant has designed technology systems that work seamlessly within the vehicle hydraulic and sensor controls. Novariant solutions are compatible with ISO11783 compliant vehicles.

Digital Interface - Autosteering technology can be integrated into the on-board and embedded vehicle computers to control the vehicle speed and the braking operations. Novariant steering technology is compatible with and can be fully integrated into any new vehicle system to provide true autonomous control.